peonyAn Exceptional Botanical Garden on the Maine Coast

Botanical gardens come into being in a variety of ways, and they offer vastly different amenities; but no matter where they are or how long they’ve been in existence, they have more than plants in common. Their true roots are in the geology and natural and human history of their sites, topography, and geographical location. Their past, present, and future are the work of highly committed individuals.

On Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens’ 250 acres, the natural elements are more evident than in smaller, more-manicured properties or urban settings. Our size enables our designers, including acclaimed landscape architects Herb Schaal, FASLA, of Colorado, and Bruce John Riddell, ASLA, of Bar Harbor, Maine, to create gardens and landscapes on a scale seldom found in botanical gardens.

Here at the Gardens, you’ll see glorious formal gardens, impressive stonework, man-made waterfalls and ponds, and an overall design that’s both appealing and impressive. But you’ll also find antique stone walls; nearly a mile of sparkling waterfront; massive ledges covered in mosses, lichens, and ferns; and native forest – in fact, the essence of Maine.

The combination is unbeatable, as we’ve heard over and over again from our visitors. Their enthusiasm will become yours as you discover the Gardens for yourself. You can see the highlights in a few hours; or you can explore forever, experiencing the grounds in different seasons and varying weather conditions.
And, of course, you can watch our gardens grow and bloom and transform into something altogether different within a familiar framework. After all, if there’s one thing that’s certain about gardens, it’s that they are forever changing.