Gardening on the Edge of the Continent

Coastal Maine is a fascinating place to garden.  Sitting directly on the rocky shores of the Atlantic Ocean, we are ever under its influence.  Many folks are surprised to learn that Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens falls within USDA winter hardiness zone 6.  Our property lies within a narrow band of milder, ocean-influenced air that snakes up the coast from Cape Cod all the way to Maritime Canada.  We do get cold weather and plenty of snow, but not nearly to the degree you’ll find through most of Northern New England.  The ocean also keeps our summers cool and foggy with daytime averages in July and August in the high 70’s and nights in the 50s and 60s.  We average about 48-50 inches of precipitation yearly, and conveniently July and August are typically our driest months.  All of this adds up to a surprisingly gentle climate for most of the year that all manner of plants simply thrive in.