Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens’ administrative, education, marketing, philanthropy, and finance staff offices are in the Bosarge Family Education Center. The membership office, volunteer office, and admissions desk, as well as offices of the visitor services, rentals, and cafe staff  are in the Visitor Center. Horticulture staff offices are in the Kulp Horticulture Building. To e-mail Gardens staff members, click on their names; to reach them by phone, call 207-633-4333 and refer to the extensions below.

Administration & Visitor/Volunteer Services

William Cullina, Executive Director (ext. 102)

Susan Whitehouse, Business Innovation Manager (ext. 113)

Courtney Locke, Executive and Philanthropy Assistant (ext. 101)

Laura Russell, Executive Assistant (ext. 305)

Amanda Russell, Manager of Volunteer & Visitor Services (ext. 107)

Barbara Freeman, Volunteer Coordinator (ext. 105 May-October; email year-round)


Melissa Cullina, Director  of  Education & Staff Botanist (ext. 104)

Erika Huber, Youth and Family Program Coordinator (ext. 151)

Amity Beane, Lunder New Naturalists Program Coordinator (ext. 152)


Adam Harkins, Facilities & Projects Manager (ext. 156)

Frank Merrill, Facilities & Projects Assistant


Andrew May, Chief Financial Officer/Chief Administrative Officer  (ext. 103)

Leslyn Olson, Bookkeeper/Executive Assistant (ext. 108)

Gift Shop

Alicia Riddell, Gift Shop Supervisor (ext. 127)


Rodney Eason, Director of Horticulture (ext. 142)

Richard B. Zieg, Horticulturist (ext. 133)

Sharmon Provan, Plant Records Coordinator & Plant Propagator (ext. 135)

Justin Nichols, Horticulturist (ext. 134)

Will Bridges, Horticulturist (ext. 134)

Patricia Robbins, Horticulturist

Diane Walden, Horticulturist

Jennifer Dunlap, Horticulturist (ext. 133)

Kitchen Garden Cafe

Amy Williams, Beverage Coordinator (ext. 153)

Cafe Kitchen – general (ext. 146)


Kris Folsom, Director of Marketing (ext. 114)

Niki Dabrio Janczura, Rentals and Group Sales Coordinator (ext. 110)


Jen McKane, Membership & Database Services Manager (ext. 109)

Betsy Angelico, Membership & Database Assistant  (ext. 112)


Dorothy Freeman, Director of Philanthropy (ext. 149)


Curtis Jirsa, IT Specialist (ext. 125)