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Fall Is Upon Us

(photo by Bill Cullina)
 (photo by Rodney Eason)

As Rodney noted in last week’s blog post, the air has changed, the light has diminished, and summer has faded. Here at Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens the plants are beginning their slow march to winter dormancy. But before reaching their destination, they give us one more flush of color and interest. The leaves on the trees and shrubs reveal the pigments hidden by summer’s chlorophyll. The flowers shed their bright petals to show off interesting seed heads. And the grasses, in their autumn splendor, dance gracefully in the breeze. (How’s that for waxing poetic?) Fall is a wonderful time for anyone who loves plants and the outdoors to be at the Gardens.

Those of us on the horticulture staff get to enjoy this time of year as we go about our duties of cutting back, cleaning up, and making ready for next spring. And yes, we are already thinking about next year. This is the time of year when we can evaluate our plantings and think about changes, big and small, to improve the gardens for next year. The real fun will come in a couple months when all the 2014 nursery catalogs arrive and we get to peruse new and exciting plants.

On another note, all the guests that I have spoken with are quite taken with the pumpkin displays. Kids of all ages are taking advantage of photo opportunities with the displays that are scattered around the main campus. This is a far larger fall display than we have done in the past, and we are very interested in our guests’ feedback.

Here’s the bottom line, folks. The gardens are gorgeous. The fall displays are awesome. The weather is perfect. With that combination, you cannot go wrong. You should come visit with us this fall.

 – Will Bridges, Horticulturist (September 30, 2013)