July 9, 2013
8:00 amto2:00 pm

“Crabular” by Rob Smith

Photographing the Gardens is one of the joys of visiting.  What do you do with all those photos that may be languishing on your hard drive?  Join Photography Club facilitator Amity Beane as she shares how to use the popular on-line photo management system known as Flickr.  From creating a pro account to uploading, tagging, and organizing, to sharing, printing, and copyright – this class will help you make the most of a very good tool and  bring a sense of order to your hard-won shots.  Bring your laptop, full of pictures, of course, and learn step-by-step as Amity demonstrates on the big screen the various functions of Flickr. This class is designed for the person new to Flickr and social media sharing. It will be indoors, using your computer.

Amity Beane, a member of the Education Department staff at the Gardens, coordinates a state-wide learning initiative for seventh grade teachers and learners, as well as managing the photo club.  She has a Master of Science degree with a focus on educational technology and has been using Flickr to manage more than  20,000 photos for the past several years.

Where:   Bosarge Family Education Center
Price:      $60 members, $75 nonmembers (preregistration required)

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