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You can learn a lot about our plants and gardens through  FloraFind. Launched in 2011, FloraFind is the third component of a technological platform that integrates the features of our gardens and the aspirations of our mission by bringing together our plant acquisitions, collected data, and educational opportunities, and sharing them with the community.  

FloraFind also enables our staff to provide specialized tours that enhance educational programs, coincide with seasonal themes or special events, place focus on dedicated collections within our gardens, and add to the overall enjoyment of a visit to our gardens.  

In addition, visitors are able to create their own tours by entering specific plant names or desired characteristics, such as flower color, phenology, growing conditions, and more.  Through FloraFind’s electronic courses module, and multimedia components like audio and video segments, the learning experience can travel far beyond our campus.

Sharmon Mapping for BG Base - B Freeman

Sharmon Provan on mapping project

As a living museum, Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens preserves information about our plant collection in our BG-Basse database, initiated by noted botanist Dr. Joanne Sharpe, a long-time research volunteer at the Gardens.  After joining the Gardens staff in 2005, Sharmon Provan was trained by Joanne to manage the database.

BG-Base, created by Mike O’Neal (Topsham, Maine) and Kerry Walters (Royal Botanic Garden of Edinburgh, Scotland), provides the Gardens with a way not only to keep track of our plant inventory, but also to record up-to-date plant nomenclature and associated common names, detailed plant characteristics, photographs, planting dates, specific garden locations, conditions, sources, etc.

Now, with the additions of our BG-Map-powered GIS program and the FloraFind web-based interface, both developed by Mark Glicksman (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), visitors and others in the horticulture field, or interested in the field, are able to connect online from their homes or organizations, our Visitor Center resource room, or even a mobile smart phone device, from which they have access to all the information as they walk through our gardens.

For answers to specific questions about our plant database, contact Sharmon Provan directly.