There are many reasons to garden as we grow older. A new seven-part series developed for all adult gardeners of any age by Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens therapeutic horticulture coordinator Irene Brady Barber will  introduce practical, realistic options that you can implement in your residential garden space, whether small or expansive, so you can continue to garden long into the future.  Irene will teach most of the classes; and staff horticulturists Diane Walden and Dick Zieg will each step in to lead a class, with Irene’s help, in their areas of expertise.

Below is a list of the classes in the series with links to the calendar post for each one. All classes are from 9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. and will be presented in the Bosarge Family Education Center. Prices are $30 for members and $37 for nonmembers or, if materials are provided, $35 and $42. Until the June 21 class, discounted series prices of $195 members and $235 nonmembers will be available. Preregistration is required.

Friday, April 12: Accessible Edible Gardens with Irene Brady Barber

Friday, May 10: Container Gardening: Lots of Pots! with Diane Walden

Friday, June 21: Vertical Gardening: Growing at Eye Level with Dick Zieg

Friday, July 12: Gardening with Ease with Irene Brady Barber

Friday, August 9: Design a Home Landscape for Today and Tomorrow with Irene Brady Barber

Friday, September 13: Planting the Right Plants in the Right Place with Irene Brady Barber

Friday, October 11: Bringing the Outdoors Indoors with Irene Brady Barber