Art & Exhibits
Art & Exhibits

Art & Exhibits

Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens is proud to present many art exhibitions throughout the season. From contemporary art to historical illustration, you can always see something new in our diverse line up of exhibitions. Experience how artists interpret our annual theme or explore the relationship between nature, culture and place. There is something for everyone to be inspired by! Artists’ receptions, talks, tours and workshops, are all part of the wonderful art-related experience we offer.

Though it is not necessary to RSVP for opening receptions, it does help us plan ahead to put on the best events possible. Please click on the RSVP buttons below or check out our Events page.


10 Years of Sculpture at the Gardens

May 1-October 31
The Gardens and Grounds

This year we will be highlighting our permanent collection of sculpture that we have acquired in the past 10 years. See works by Wendy Klemperer reinstalled on the Great Lawn, and iconic works by artists like George Sherwood and Henry Richardson. Take a sculpture walk with our new Sculpture Map.


Jill Hoy’s Verdant Maine

May 1-July 13
Kitchen Garden Café and Education Center (through June 8)

Jill Hoy lives in the south facing fishing town of Stonington, Maine on the island of Deer Isle. She is an unfettered English gardener, in the style of her paintings, and loves big cascading expanses of growing botanicals, both wild and cultivated. From such chaos, rhythms abound, echoes are found. These plein air oil paintings are thick with life force and light. Jill will be teaching a plein air watercolor class September 17.


Various Amusements by Alexandra Sax

May 1-July 19
Resource Room
Meet the Artist: Friday, July 14, 1-3 p.m.

Alexandra Sax’s playful historical fiction project includes nature drawings and small animal sculptures and artifacts inspired by Gertrude Jekyll’s book, Children and Gardens. Gertrude Jekyll (1843-1932) was an innovative British gardener, artist and author of books on garden design. Meet Alexandra and learn more about her drawings of flowers and whimsical papier-mâché and bronze animal sculptures on exhibit in the Resource Room.

Favorite Features and Creatures, Places and Spaces

May 27-October 31
Story Barn, Children’s Garden

Students from Boothbay, Edgecomb and Southport will depict a few of their favorite things in the Garden.


Natural Selections: Works of Katie Lee, Hillary Parker and Linda Funk

June 10-July 26
Education Center

This year we are highlighting the work of the talented people who have taught here at the gardens in the last 10 years. Lee, Parker and Funk are all nationally acclaimed, award winning botanical artists that are instructors in our Certificate in Botanical Arts Program. See the range of these talented artists as they exhibit some of their definitive work.


The Everyday Gardener: Work by Lynn Travis

July 15-October 31
Kitchen Garden Café

When we are on our knees working in our gardens, we see the plants from a very close-up, almost intimate perspective. It is this intimate view of the interaction between plants that intrigues and inspires much of Lynn Travis’ artwork and is the subject of the oil paintings for this exhibition.


Vegetable & Fruit Studies

July 21-October 31
Resource Room

Award winning garden and fine art photographer Lynn Karlin shares with us five still lifes, each with its own unique character and personality. Lynn’s body of work from “ The Pedestal Series” and “The Tray Series” is about the obvious but often overlooked beauty of the harvest.


In and Out of the Garden: Works by Martha Burkert

July 28-September 6
Education Center

“These paintings are grounded in my love of gardening. I push and pull colors around botanical forms, trying to find combinations that feel right– sometimes finishing just short of abstraction. The application of paint, the resonance of colors against each other, the muscularity of shapes and the temperature of dark and light are my guides.”


Best Photos of the Last Ten Years: Selections from the Photography Club

September 8-October 31
Education Center
Opening Reception: Friday, September 8, 5-6:30p.m.

This year our Photography Club members are challenged to pick their favorite image they’ve taken in the Gardens in the last ten years for exhibition. This talented group meets every other Thursday during the summer to enjoy the early morning hours. Come see how we are all about the light!