Art & Exhibits
Art & Exhibits

Art & Exhibits

Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens is proud to present many art exhibitions throughout the season. From contemporary art to historical illustration, you can always see something new in our diverse line up of exhibitions. Experience how artists interpret our annual theme or explore the relationship between nature, culture and place. There is something for everyone to be inspired by! Artists’ receptions, talks, tours and workshops, are all part of the wonderful art-related experience we offer.

Markings of the American Butterfly by Cat Schwenk

April 15 – June 24
Bosarge Family Education Center

Interested in “sculpting” maps, nautical charts and old books into butterfly and moth specimens, Cat Schwenk uses a simple origami pattern and then applies encaustic paint and a torch. Across centuries and borders, butterflies have symbolized the soul and immortality; to Schwenk, these creations represent relationships, meanings and change.

Force of Nature by Elizabeth Awalt

April 15 – July 15
Kitchen Garden Café

Spring is the muse for this exhibition by Elizabeth Awalt. The paintings reflect the slippery, transitory nature of spring through the intermingling of both fluid and thick passages of paint defining what’s seen, felt and imagined. Large studio works and smaller plein air works transpire these mysteries into powerful images.

TRANSFORMATION: A Bronze Sculpture Exhibition

Curated by June LaCombe SCULPTURE
June 6 – October 14
In the gardens

The bronze casting process can transform a sculpture in wood, clay or wax into a unique, durable piece suitable for the outdoors no matter the season. Ten sculptures will be sited in gardens surrounding the Great Lawn in this elegant exhibition.

Sweet Symbiosis: Butterflies, Moths and the Plants They Love

June 9 – October 31
Story Barn, Children’s Garden

Students from Boothbay, Edgecomb and Southport will depict butterflies and moths and the plants they rely on for survival.

The Botany of Butterflies Learning Exhibit

June 26 – September 5
Bosarge Family Education Center

Learn more about the relationship between butterflies, moths and the plants that sustain them throughout their lives. Through artists’ depictions and mounted specimens, understand better how important specific native plants are to our population of pollinators.

From My Garden: Plein Air Flower Paintings by Sharon Yates

July 17 – October 31
Resource Room, Visitor Center

The decision made years ago to paint her neighbor’s peonies “unarranged” in a vase began a practice that Sharon Yates continues to this day. Done all in one sitting, these pieces feature flowers from her garden and are painted outside en plein air. Interest in the nuances of color and form, bloom and decay are apparent in these engaging, immediate paintings.

Interior Maine by Marguerite Lawler

July 17 – October 31
Kitchen Garden Café

Marguerite Lawler received a Project Grant from the Maine Arts Commission in 2017 to create a new body of work focusing on the impact of shadows and light on Maine’s interior landscape. These exhibited oil paintings are a part of her ongoing series.

The Lepidopterist: Selections from the Photography Club

September 7 – October 31
Bosarge Family Education Center
Exhibition Opening: Friday, September 7, from 5 – 7 p.m.

The most successful photographers become intimately familiar with their subjects. This year, members of our Photography Club get closer than ever to butterflies and moths, learning what plants they require for food at various stages in their development. From caterpillars to adults, see these remarkable creatures interact with their environment.