Children’s Activities
Children’s Activities

Children’s Activities

Children’s Garden Discovery Cart

Saturdays, May 5-June 2
11 a.m. – noon
Children’s Garden

Come and discover the life cycle of a plant, from seed to fruit. We’ll also learn about plant parts as we dissect a seed and plant something to take home. This is an open activity appropriate for all ages.

Butterfly Investigations

Thursdays and Saturdays, June 14-August 18
11 a.m.

Butterfly House Exhibit

Join us in our new Butterfly House Exhibit as we investigate the lives of the butterflies we’re raising at the Gardens this year. From egg to adult and everything in-between, we’ll search for all stages of a butterfly’s life cycle while also learning to identify the key differences between moths and butterflies.

Pond Investigations

Wednesdays, June 20-August 29
1:30 – 2:30 p.m.

The pond in our Children’s Garden is teeming with life during the summer months. Discover what creatures call the water their home as we dip nets into the pond while looking for signs of life around the pond’s edge. We’ll explore life cycles, food chains, differences between reptiles and amphibians and the proper handling of our froggy friends. This is an open activity appropriate for all ages.

Free with Admission