The fairy house building crew
starting the day!
Fellow intern Montana starting the
backbone of his fairy house.
Montana’s finished product.
Isn’t it gorgeous?

When I first came to Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens and was looking at the map, I was very confused as to what one area was: the Fairy House Village. What in the world could that be, and why does it take up such a huge part of the garden? It was only when I saw the Village that I truly understood why it was such a big deal: Everyone can get involved! If you’ve ever been down by the shoreline, I’m sure you’ve seen dozens of little houses covering the ground, left by past guests. I find this area to be a wonderful way to add your own personal touch to the garden, for both children and adults. After seeing all of the fun houses in the Fairy House Village, I’ve been itching to build my very own, and today I finally got the chance.

This morning, fellow intern Montana and I were in for a treat; we would be spending the day building fairy houses with some other staff members and a volunteer. Many of the houses built in the Fairy House Village are made from whatever can be found lying around: twigs, shells, bark or stumps. We do, however, always ask that no live material is used in the house making so that we can let our plants live a long and healthy life.

In our case, we needed to make our fairy homes a little more stable than usual, so we used hot-glue guns and nails to hold everything in place. This was my first time making a fairy house and to be honest, it was a little overwhelming! There are just SO many things one can do with a fairy house that you need to just have fun with it and add your own creative touch. In the end, we ended up with some absolutely beautiful fairy houses!

This year, we will be celebrating fairies all summer long! We’re calling the celebration “Fairy Fridays…And One Weekend.” The fairy houses we built today will be part of a scavenger hunt on the grounds and will be spread throughout the gardens for Fairy Fridays. Next Friday (July 5) is the first Fairy Friday of the year, and they will continue through August. Be sure to join us on any Friday, and don’t forget your fairy wings!

-Carrington Flatness, Horticulture Intern