A view of sun perennials on the grounds
I am so obsessed with
this succulent wreath!
Snug Harbor’s private succulent collection

Out of the three of us horticulture interns at Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, I would have to say that I’m the garden center guru of the bunch. I’ve worked at a few different garden centers/greenhouses in my time and just love helping customers find exactly what they need for their garden. Let’s just say I’d be putting it lightly if I said I’m a little obsessed with all things nursery related. I think I get this trait from my mother; if we had it our way, we would stop at every garden center we see just to gaze at the beauty and fantasize about buying everything. Recently, I’ve found my new favorite garden center in Maine that I will be dreaming about for days.

As interns in the horticulture department, we are lucky enough to get to go on several field trips throughout the summer. Don’t worry- I’m sure you’ll get to hear all about them on this blog. Our first field trip was a few weeks ago to Oven’s Mouth Preserve on a guided hike through the trails. This past Wednesday, we ventured on our second exciting field trip to Kennebunk, Maine to visit Snug Harbor Farm. As you now know of my extensive love for garden centers, you can imagine me arriving at this beautiful farm and not being able to contain myself. I wanted to see, touch, and smell everything!

We got a tour of the grounds from employee Todd Carr and owner Tony Elliott. I honestly couldn’t believe the variety of product they offered. They obviously carry the essentials such as annuals, perennials and woody trees/shrubs, but they did things I’ve never seen a nursery do before. Here are just a few examples: The staff do a lot of topiary work, which they are able to rent out for weddings and other special events. They have a massive succulent collection; one from which the public can buy and also their own private collection that’s just for viewing. The property houses an entire field dedicated to plants that will become cut flowers people can buy and use to decorate their homes. The staff even holds various classes that the public can sign up for throughout the year. Just recently, they even brought in a lobster tank so they could sell live lobster on their property as well! This place really is a one-stop shop and must-see for any garden lover.

As expected, it was a huge struggle for me to leave Snug Harbor Farm; I just wanted to stay there forever. Sometimes you’re lucky enough to stumble upon a gem of a place and it’s always sad when you have to eventually head home. Luckily, I can still follow their blog if I ever get deprived and want to know what’s going on around the nursery. Maybe someday I’ll get a job at a garden center that is just as beautiful, but it’s definitely going to be hard to top the beauty of Snug Harbor Farm.

-Carrington Flatness, Horticulture Intern