Paeonia ‘Singing in the Rain’  (above) and
Paeonia ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ (below), both intersectional (Itoh) peonies,
are currently blooming. Check them out!

Me, evaluating bareroot stock.
The view from Huckleberry Cove Trail

I’m sure you’ve read about our little misadventure with our first B&B (ball and burlap) tree? Well aside from that disastrous (but educational) experience, our group of interns has enjoyed a few successes this week. Fellow intern Carrington and I planted a row of maple trees in the front entrance, hoping to form a hedge that would complement the current display of Hemerocallis sp., or daylilies. Our goal is to create a wave-like barrier of green foliage to help accent the adjacent path. In addition to this, Will Bridges, a staff horticulturist, educated me on how to properly plant bareroot viburnum. Both projects were executed smoothly, so let’s see if the plants establish well! If you are curious about planting bareroot stock, please follow this link.

According to the “TripAdvisor” literature I poured over before arriving, Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens is the number one garden to visit, a claim whose accuracy is made obvious the moment you set foot on the grounds. Perhaps what makes this garden stand out against its competitors is the 3,600 feet of tidal shore frontage guests have the opportunity to explore when they arrive. In addition to the beautiful river vista, our garden sets itself apart by providing hiking trails and native plant displays to complement our traditional ornamental garden collections.

At the risk of sharing a secret that may not be mine to tell, our Director of Horticulture, Rodney Eason, confided in me the location of a place along the garden’s shore where he spent many days reflecting, hoping to justify his decision to move his family to this beautiful peninsula.  After walking Huckleberry Cove Trail, I completely understand the calming effect he spoke of. I implore you to explore our many trails, experience the unparalleled tranquility, and maybe even discover Rodney’s secret sanctuary for yourself.

- Montana Williams, Pearson Horticulture Intern