Board and Overseers
Board and Overseers

Board and Overseers

Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization with a Board of Directors, including Directors Emeriti, and a Board of Overseers.

Board of Directors

Margaret Reiser (President)
West Boothbay Harbor, ME; Atlanta, GA

Lawrence R. Pugh (Vice President)
Falmouth, ME; Naples, FL

Stephen T. O’Brien (Treasurer)
West Southport, ME; Harvard, MA

Rebecca Hutcheson (Secretary)
West Boothbay Harbor, ME; Houston, TX

John Abbott
East Boothbay, ME; Fairfield, CT; Punta Gorda, FL

Barbara Alfond
Belgrade Lakes, ME; Weston, MA; Vail, CO

Betts Armstrong
Scarborough, ME

Robert Boyd
Boothbay Harbor, ME

Frederick Copeland
Boothbay Harbor, ME; Avon, CT

David Emery
Boothbay Harbor, ME; Nashville, TN

Cory Gardiner
Woolwich, ME

Carol Hancock
Casco, ME

Daniel Q. Haney
East Boothbay, ME; St. Petersburg, FL

Martha Heald
Southport, ME; Delray Beach, FL

Elisabeth Kelly
Yarmouth, ME

Daniel M. Lerner
Boothbay Harbor, ME; Merion Station, PA; Palm Beach, FL

Louise McIlhenny
Nobleboro, ME; New Orleans, LA

Judith W. Parkhill
Freeport, ME

Penelope Pollard
Southport, ME; Chevy Chase, MD

Marianne Reynolds
Boothbay, ME

S. Melvin Rines
Southport, ME; Weston, MA

Paula Swetland
Edgecomb, ME; Miami, FL

J. Colby Wallace
South Portland, ME

Directors Emeriti

John R. Giles (Past President)
East Boothbay, ME; Salem, NH; Clearwater, FL

Claire Hunt, Ph.D. (Past President)
Boothbay, ME

Donna Burkhardt (Past President)
Wiscasset, ME

Board of Overseers

Jonathan Fauver (Chair)
Southport, ME; Harwinton, CT

Beth Renyi (Vice-Chair)
New Harbor, ME; New York, NY

Polly Gibson (Secretary)
Southport, ME; Wilmington, NC

Karen Bartholomew
West Boothbay Harbor, ME; Menlo Park, CA

Laird Cleaver
Southport, ME; Lincoln, MA; Vero Beach, FL

Ralph Doering
Wiscasset, ME; Fort Lauderdale, FL

Blythe Edwards
Edgecomb, ME

Jill Goldthwait
Bar Harbor, ME

Jean Hamilton
Barters Island, ME; Durham, NC

Dick Leslie
Yarmouth, ME

Mary Eugenia Myer
Edgecomb, ME; Washington, DC

Helen A. Norton
Harpswell, ME

Andrea Peabody
Boothbay, ME; Scottsdale, AZ

Langhorne (Tish) Stoneburner
West Boothbay, ME; Jacksonville, FL

Lawrence Townley
Damariscotta, ME

Sally Ann Wood
Cushing, ME; Devon, PA

James Yardley
Boothbay Harbor, ME; Houston, TX