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In the News

Boston Globe: The top tourist attractions in New England

August 2014

The tourism business is surging in the region, poised to break records this year, according to the Federal Reserve. Where is everybody going? We asked TripAdvisor, who sent us the most reviewed attractions in each of the six New England states, and what visitors had to say about them. Read Online

Hometown Maine - A Visit to the Boothbay Botanical Gardens

August 2014

In this weekend’s Hometown Maine, WMTW News 8’s Norm Karkos takes us to Boothbay, where this picturesque fishing village houses one of Maine’s most beautiful gems: the Boothbay Botanical Gardens. Watch Video Online

WCSH6: This is Home

June 2014

Maine is full of wonderful experiences. We love to share great Maine destinations with you! We had stellar weather the day of our visit to the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens in Boothbay.

The mission of Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens is to protect, preserve, and enhance the botanical heritage and natural landscapes of coastal Maine for people of all ages through horticulture, education, and research. We are so proud to say THIS IS HOME ! Watch Video Online

Yankee: Best Public Gardens

May/June 2014

This 250-acre masterpiece is living proof that the coast can be a great place to garden, despite the wind and salt air. Staffers harness a truly rugged environment and demonstrate what can be done with ledge, hillside, woodland, and waterfront. Don’t miss the second-to-none chil­dren’s garden—universal fun for all ages. Read Online

Maine Today: 10 Easy Hikes Anyone Can Do

May 2014

A walk through the beautiful gardens, trails and wild spaces of this nationally-acclaimed 250-acre property is an experience to be treasured. Tour the visitor center, then meander about through the Rose & Perennial, Great Lawn & Ledge, Burpee Kitchen, Children’s and Rhododendron gardens, the Lerner Garden of the Five Senses and others. Then make your way to the edge of the garden proper and hike the Shoreland and Huckleberry trails along the scenic Back River.
1 to 2 miles round-trip. Read Online

The Active Times: 30 Must-See U.S. Public Gardens

May 2014

Escape by the ocean and indulge in the beauty of this garden’s shorefront landscapes featuring extraordinary stonework, scenic waterfalls and of course, a wide range of eye-pleasing plants. Coastal Main is open year-round with something for everyone to enjoy during every season. Read Online


March 2014

Already one of the country’s most distinguished botanical destinations, CMBG is still a youngster after opening in 2007. New elements are added each year, and with trails and forests included in the layout, the non-profit is open year-round. Read Online

USA Today 10 Best: Reader's Choice

March 2014

The Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens seek to preserve and display the natural landscapes of the region on the 250-acre grounds on the shorefront of mid-coast Maine. Open year round (and free during the winter months), the gardens feature granite stone pathways winding amid rustic woodland, whimsical statuary and manicured and themed gardens, like the interactive Lerner Garden of the Five Senses. Read Online

ProFlowers: America's Best Botanical Gardens

January 2014

With 248 acres that include a mile of coastline, the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens is one of only a few waterfront botanical gardens in the United States. The grounds are filled with native plants, ornamental gardens, walking paths and wild spaces. Sculptures and outdoor art are featured prominently among the gardens, waterfront and woodland trails. Read Online