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Form and Texture in Graphite 1


This virtual class delves deeply into using graphite to accurately depict simple botanical subjects using fruits and vegetables. Emphasis on highlights, midtones, and shadow areas. Using a light source and three-dimensional armature, artists understand concave and convex shapes. Students complete a three-part series of drawings, line, armature, and full tonal graphite drawing.

$50 – $65

Establishing Trees in the Urban Landscape


Urban trees are indispensable in making our cities livable. In the past 15 years, researchers in urban forestry have developed methods of quantifying the ecosystem benefits provided by urban trees. In our increasingly paved cities, tree services are essential, as it has become clear that poor practices in tree selection and soil preparation have reduced the potential benefits of planting such trees. As our metropolitan areas are so heterogeneous, not all trees will do well in all sites. However, the most ubiquitous constraint to healthy, urban tree growth is soil compaction and limited accessible soil volume, leading to stunted trees that cannot withstand increasingly hot and dry summers. Fortunately, there are many practices that can overcome these challenges.

$10 – $15