The Caterpillar Lab
The Caterpillar Lab

The Caterpillar Lab

The Caterpillar Lab is back! Adapted for COVID-19, both fun—and safety—are assured. Join us August 27-31 as The Caterpillar Lab sets up an indoor/outdoor exhibit highlighting the incredible diversity and ingenuity of some of New England’s most unusual caterpillars. During each day of the residency, small groups of visitors can visit the lab-in-residence, see live caterpillar displays, and witness how The Caterpillar Lab cares for and works with these amazing and surprising creatures.

This exhibit is free with admission. Access to the indoor portion is via timed entry, and visitors can sign up at the Education Center. Highlights of the residency include a large-screen projection of The Caterpillar Lab’s digital microscopes and many dozens of species showcased in open-air displays, including enormous giant silk moth caterpillars, fierce-looking snake-mimicking caterpillars, convincing twig-mimicking caterpillars, and bizarre legless slug caterpillars. Witness rare moments of metamorphosis, ecological relationships, and parasitism play out first-hand.

There is something for everyone, from young children to seasoned naturalists and professional biologists. In addition to signing up for the indoor portion and adhering to social distancing protocols, masks are required at all exhibit locations.

The Caterpillar Walk

with Sam Jaffe and The Caterpillar Lab Friday-Monday, August 28-31 4 – 5 p.m.
The Caterpillar Lab is moving in, and while the exhibit will be filled with munching critters offering lots to explore, the real story is the one happening in our many gardens. Join Director of The Caterpillar Lab, Sam Jaffe, on special explorations of the Gardens’ edges, searching for native caterpillars and other insects, discovering how these creatures are living out their strange lives in the wild. Learn how The Caterpillar Lab finds their caterpillars, all about host plants and parasitoids, and get caterpillar-finding secrets from one of the foremost caterpillar hunters in the world! For safety reasons, registration is limited to five participants for each event, and masks will be required. Meet outside the Education Center.

This walk is appropriate for naturalists, gardeners, and explorers of all ages. However, it may not be appropriate for more casually interested younger children.
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