Annual Garden Symposium
Annual Garden Symposium

Annual Garden Symposium

Rooted in Your Garden: Designing a Landscape You Love

Join Brie Arthur, Gordon Hayward, and Andy Brand

Friday, June 21 from 9:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

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Our theme this year highlights roots and honors how much of the work of growing gardens happens underground. Likewise, the gardens we design and plant are tended not just by our hands, but are rooted inside of us — an expression of our values and our personality. In a nod to the connection we feel to our gardens, this year’s 15th Annual Garden Symposium will feature stories, teach new strategies and expose attendees to new plants to help develop a garden rooted in what you love. Join us to be inspired by garden designs that lead to spaces you love to spend time in and that keep you coming back.

The Inevitable Garden with Gordon Hayward

A deeply resonant garden comes from a design that embodies and engages the existing land, its history, its native plants, the house on that land and the people in that house who develop the land. When all three are equally engaged – house, people, land – the result is a garden with soul, a garden with a feeling of love and inevitability. Just as CMBG’s gardens reflect the love the designers feel for the coast of Maine, Gordon will share the story of his own landscape and its evolution, exploring how being rooted in your garden is to know yourself, your land, your family and your home, expressing all that you value in the way you build your garden.

Follow Your Nose with Andy Brand

When designing our gardens we usually gravitate towards plants with showy, colorful flowers and rightly so—we all want our landscapes to look beautiful. But adding fragrance to our gardens is just as important; it makes us slow down and enjoy the array of scents that abound. A certain fragrance may conjure up a fond memory from our past or improve our attitude, putting a smile on our face. Join Andy as he explores those plants that stimulate and delight our sense of smell with their flowers, foliage or fruit.

The Foodscape Revolution with Brie Arthur

Brie has fine-tuned her signature design technique of Foodscaping, a sustainable landscape practice that embraces beauty and bounty. Aiming to change the way landscapes are designed and managed, Brie encourages everyone to think outside of the box. Learn how pairing edibles in a traditional ornamental landscape increases biodiversity and adds purpose to everyday spaces. She’ll feature the best edible and ornamental plant combinations, inspiring attendees to create purposeful landscapes that more deeply engage the gardener. Easy strategies will be explained. This is a fast-paced, informative presentation that will leave you inspired and ready to foodscape!