Annual Garden Symposium
Annual Garden Symposium

Annual Garden Symposium

16th Annual Garden Symposium: Designing with Water

Join Paul Maue, Christopher Paquette and Rebecca Jacobs

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This year’s Annual Symposium is honoring our theme, Wicked Wetland Wonders, and because we are not able to host the event at the Gardens this summer, we have chosen to revise the format and present it in three separate sections, keeping the tradition of the Symposium alive. Sessions are now spread out over several weeks instead of over the course of a single day. Take your pick and register for one, two, or all three.

It’s no surprise that water is an appealing addition to a garden design. A powerful element, it provides life for all organisms. People respond deeply to its sound, sight, feel, taste, and smell. This year, our three-part symposium will discuss water as an ornamental and sensory feature in a landscape as well as its environmental service as a stormwater management system or a watering hole for wildlife. Our presenters will inspire you to consider how you can incorporate water while being mindful of its true essence—vital for all living organisms.

Water Features for Ornament and the Senses | June 10
Paul Maue, PLA in Massachusetts, New York, and New Hampshire, will discuss how our current relationship with water in designed landscapes relates to historical uses from various cultures. As a landscape architect whose passion lies in water, Paul will offer a visual and narrative journey through various residential projects. He’ll share design-build stories as well as the construction process and the results, inspiring viewers to create their own water designs. Simplicity is the star of these fountains, pools, and waterfalls. Join us and feel the power of water through Paul’s images and stories.

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Constructed Ecological Pools, Ponds and Streams | June 17
Chris Paquette, Owner and Designer of Robin’s Nest LLC, from Hollis, Maine will introduce and explain how constructed pool, pond, and stream systems can be designed and made into features that function as holistic water spaces for people and wildlife. Learn a little bit about what goes into creating these beautiful, naturalistic water settings and how they sustain long-term while offering ecological benefits and supporting human well-being.

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Rain Garden Systems | June 24
Rebecca Jacobs, Manager of Educational Programming at Knox-Lincoln Soil and Water Conservation District, will outline the concept of catching and treating stormwater by means of rain gardens and other stormwater infiltration systems before it enters our waterways. Such designed systems can be as ornamental as any perennial garden, if done correctly and located properly. Rebecca will share a variety of settings, applications, and conceptual designs.

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Paul Maue

Paul Maue founded his design firm in 1989 and has established a significant portfolio of residential work in Massachusetts and New York. He has been a participating jury member for the Boston Society of Landscape Architects annual awards program and for the ALCM Thoreau Awards program. He has published with Landscape Architecture Magazine and was given both the Best of Design and Best of Service awards by HOUZZ, the comprehensive design website. Prior to founding Paul Maue Associates, he was a senior associate with Morgan Wheelock Inc., where he contributed to the design and management of major projects throughout the Eastern United States and Europe.

Christopher Paquette

Chris Paquette, Owner and Founder of Robin’s Nest LLC, located in Hollis, Maine, designs and installs water features such as natural ponds, swimming pools, water gardens, fountains, and streams. An engineer and machinist by trade, Chris deeply respects nature and the power of water, focusing on features that work with the landscape, rather than competing with nature’s elements.

Rebecca Jacobs

Rebecca Jacobs is the Program Manager at Knox-Lincoln Soil and Water Conservation District. In addition to conservation education, she owns and operates her own landscape design and horticulture business, Gabriella’s Gardens, in Rockland. In 2006, Rebecca was the first education coordinator at Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens before becoming the educator and outreach coordinator at KLSWCD. Rebecca leads many workshops and lectures on water and soil conservation, focusing particularly on rain gardens.