Member Insider: Buzzworthy Bees and Honey

Join us for this sweet summer treat as we learn about native bees and their importance to our environment. After touring the Native Bee Exhibit, we'll visit the Learning Apiary, where you can observe our native bees, non-native cousins, and honey bees in action. Afterward, we'll taste a variety of honey from around the world, from light to dark, sweet to savory.

Location: Apiary
Instructor: Multiple Instructors

Garden Explorers Camp (Ages 4-7) (Sold Out)

This class is sold out, but please click "Learn More" to join our waitlist. | Budding gardeners will spend the week digging, planting, watering, and harvesting fruits and vegetables in our learning garden. We'll investigate the inner workings of the garden from the ground up and get the real "dirt" on plants, life cycles, composting, garden critters, and more! Sign your campers up for a week filled with games, explorations, garden snack-making, and take-home garden projects. Extended Explorations aftercare is available as an add-on. Scholarships are available for families with a financial need.

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Location: Bosarge Family Education Center Botanical Gardens Drive, Boothbay
Instructor: Multiple Instructors
Price: $155 / $194

Member Insider: Dazzling Dragonflies

Join our resident dragonfly experts, Andy Brand and Bridget VerVaet, for an insider look at these fascinating insects. Participants will learn about dragonfly behavior, habitat, and life cycle and have the opportunity to observe dragonflies up close in their natural environment.

Location: Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens 105 Botanical Gardens Drive, Boothbay
Instructor: Multiple Instructors

Member Insider: Herbal Workshop

Lesley Paxson and Lucas Miner will lead the group in an exploration of herbal remedies. Participants will learn about alcohol and honey-based tinctures, salves, and infused oils. Explore the wide variety of plants used in these remedies and uncover their origins. Then, delve into the significance of each plant, revealing their historical roots and cultural traditions associated with each.

Location: Lerner Visitor Center
Instructor: Multiple Instructors

Ecological Landscape Design

To design landscapes inspired by—and inclusive of—nature, it is essential to study design principles through the lens of natural systems. In this three-day course led by landscape architect Lisa Cowan and landscape designer and horticulturist Irene Barber, students will learn to identify and incorporate the components of ecological landscape design. Online and onsite, we will examine the systems influencing design decisions, practice environmental site analysis, and design conceptual plot plans for a selected site. Class Level: Intermediate-Advanced

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Location: Online / at Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens 132 Botanical Gardens Drive, Boothbay
Instructor: Multiple Instructors
Price: $160 / $190