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At Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, we consider members part of the family. It’s a reciprocal relationship, and members benefit, too, in so many ways! Beyond free admission, membership means access to the following exclusive events, tours, and programs carefully curated ONLY for members. Members experience more–add these events to your calendar and discover how MUCH more!

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September 28

Member Insider: Apple Cultivating & Pressing

Nothing says autumn like apples. Ron Ross, CMBG volunteer and apple expert, will explain how to cultivate new varieties of apples, going into some detail about breeding for desirable traits. The tour will end with a bit of apple pressing—can you guess how many apples it takes to make one gallon of cider?

Location: Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens

Time: 8:30am-10:00am

Instructor: Ron Ross

Cost: $Free