Deconstructing The Boundaries:
A Future of Land and Food Resilience

In partnership with Indigo Arts Alliance

Saturday, July 22

Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens has partnered with Indigo Arts Alliance to present a multi-year project that centers Black/Brown/Indigenous relationships with the land. The programmatic series launches with an all day public symposia: Deconstructing the Boundaries: A Future of Land & Food Resilience, held on July 22.

During this symposia, Indigo Arts Alliance will share perspectives from a variety of thought leaders about how Black and Brown communities have always held spiritual, traditional, and cultural relationships to the land. Conversations, demonstrations, and interactive workshops will prioritize experiences from multidisciplinary artists and cultural workers. This initiative aims to create intergenerational pathways from which insight and wisdom can flow in all directions.

The symposia poses the questions:

  • What comes after the land acknowledgment?
  • What does landback initiatives, reparations, and responsible land stewardship look like on a regional and global scale?

Registration for this free event will open to the public in June.

Indigo Arts Alliance is a Black-led arts nonprofit organization dedicated to professional development and amplification of Black and Brown artists’ thought-leadership, artistic vision, and creative practice.

Founded in 2018, Indigo Arts Alliance (IAA) is a Portland, ME-based, Black-led organization dedicated to professional development and amplification of Black and Brown thought-leadership, vision, and creative practice. As an organization of social practice artists, scholars, and activists, it seeks to strengthen multiracial democracy by cultivating and celebrating art as a key resource for healthy communities, connecting global and local Black and Brown artists, providing an affirming environment for the creation of artwork across disciplines, and promoting engagement through participatory events that bring artists’ and activists’ work into public conversation on social justice, culture, and community. IAA is the only Black-led, established arts incubator in northern New England. That being the case, they fill a critically important gap in representation lacking in other regional arts and cultural institutions.