The End

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The Pinus densiflora ‘Burke’s
Red Varigated’ I planted my first day,
looking as healthy as ever.


Part of the team that has made
this such a memorable summer.


I’m sure to miss the Maine woodlands.
(Photo by Brian Richers)

As many of you may have realized by now, I’m the last Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens horticulture intern left in the department for this year. I’ll admit it has been lonely without my sidekicks around for the past month, but it’s given me time to enjoy everything the beautiful fall season has to offer. Unfortunately, it’s now my time to bid you blog followers all a fond farewell. While I’m very sad to be leaving the Gardens, I’d prefer to look at all of the happiness and satisfaction that this garden has brought me over the summer.

There are so many moments that come to mind when I think about the crazy summer I had: the first time driving the equipment; all of the exciting field trips we took; watching each garden change throughout the seasons; completely revamping planting beds to make them look brand new; countless non-horticulture projects; learning to map the gardens; and even my first cookie from the Kitchen Garden Cafe (trust me, it’s life changing). There were also various challenges mixed in with the fun, such as the infamous “intern B&B pine planting disaster,” detailed in one of the first blogs of the summer. While embarrassing at the time, challenges like this helped me learn to accept my mistakes and ultimately grow as a horticulture professional.

I believe the thing I’ll miss most about working at the Gardens is the horticulture staff. These wacky individuals have truly swept me away with their hardworking, passionate, sometimes silly demeanor. They have always cheered on my success and have inspired me to become a more well-rounded professional. I’ve spent early mornings and late nights with them, and while sometimes it was hard work, we always found time to laugh. 

Sometimes their advice was a little questionable, such as, “You have to eat ice cream after lunch! It’s good for you!” However, those group ice cream sessions created some of the best bonding time for our team. Above all, though, these people have encouraged me to strive to keep learning as long as I can and to never give up on something I believe in. To my fellow horticulturists, who are now my dear friends: Thank you for being everything I could have ever asked for in a team. You’re going to be a tough crowd to beat.

I know I took it for granted while working here this summer, but Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens is truly a magical place. There is always something to see or do here, no matter the season. I wish I had taken advantage of every sight and smell when I had the chance, but it still is a summer that I’ll never forget. I know I will carry this experience with me for years to come.

-Carrington Flatness, Horticulture Intern (September 19, 2013)