Year’s End (with a tip of the trowel to Irving Berlin)


Please channel your best Ethel Merman and help me sing out the old year….

There’s no business like grow business,
Like no business I know.
Everything about it is appealing,
Everything the good earth will allow.
Nowhere could you have that happy feeling
When you’re not wielding that muddy trowel.

There’s no business like grow business ,
Like no business I know,
Chug-chugging in your Kabota down the road
You press on, working out in the cold.
Still you wouldn’t change it for a sack of gold,
Let’s go on with the grow

There’s no people like grow people,
Smelly dirt, it thrills them so.
Five hard weeks a-mulching your seasonal fare,
Those nights you ache so, but there you are.
Springs comes, the gardens boom, they’re sprung with flower
Let’s get on with the grow,
Let’s get on with the grow!

A Happiest and Most Bountiful New Year to you all. See you in 2014.

Diane Walden-Rapalyea (December 30, 2013)
Staff Horticulturalist, Milliner, and Aspiring Diva