Resilient Landscapes in Built Environments: Design & Structural Components


Resilient landscapes in built environments are connected to the larger, evolving environment. Incorporating low-maintenance design and high-performance results, resilient landscapes sustain and regenerate under stressful environmental conditions rather than falling victim to stressors. These are aesthetic powerhouse systems providing ecological services, giving the landscape professional the opportunity to evolve their business and adapt to the changing environment. In Section I, Design and Structural Components, we will identify and assess the design process and factors, including ecological principles, processes, and materials, in order to create systems that are resilient and regenerative. Four separate online sessions focus on: Ecological Design for Resilience, Applied Soils: Restore and Engineer, Systematic Solutions to Water Management, and Sustainable Materials. Class Level: Advanced

$275 – $350

Plant Nurseries in New England: Experiences on How to Start & Succeed


If you've ever considered starting a plant nursery, this one's for you. Whether your goals are driven by a passion for plants, frustrations with supply, or a desire to meet local needs, our panel of three nursery growers and owners will share recommendations for success. Leveraging their different business models, we'll cover everything from sustainability, the changing business climate, lessons learned, and motivations and goals for owning a nursery.

$15 – $18