Growing Native Woody Plants from Seed, Session 1

Bosarge Family Education Center Botanical Gardens Drive, Boothbay

Growing native plants from seed secures stronger genetic diversity and adaptability to our changing climate. This class covers the basic set-up and the correct steps and considerations to grow native woody plants from seed. Through a hands-on workshop, we will explain and demonstrate the ins and outs, including the processes of collection, seasonal timing, germination rates, materials, and the steps of caring for the plant collection to the point they're sold or planted in your clients' gardens or landscapes. Instructors will teach the content according to the plants' natural communities, from coastal maritime to freshwater wetlands and other communities throughout Maine and New England. Please note that the March 6 session will cover different plants from the February 15 session (Growing Native Woody Plants from Seed, Session 2). It is recommended that you take both classes. Class Level: Intermediate - Advanced

$60 – $75