Plein Air Days

Artists may enter the Gardens free of charge and set up their easels anywhere that doesn't disrupt traffic, block paths, or damage flower beds. Social distancing and facial-covering rules apply. Reservations are required.

Location: Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens 132 Botanical Gardens Drive, Boothbay

11th Annual Ina and Lew Heafitz Endowed Lecture: Planting Your Path

In this conversation Abra Lee will discuss her garden roots from the dirt-road country of the rural South to a lesson in family history that helped define her life’s purpose. This is a story of failure, persistence, and how taking her Mama’s advice to “don’t be no educated fool” led her on a journey to uncover Black America’s legacy in ornamental horticulture.

Abra Lee is a national speaker, writer, and owner of Conquer the Soil, a platform that combines Black garden history and current events to raise awareness of horticulture. She has spent "a whole lotta time" in the dirt as a municipal arborist, extension agent, airport landscape manager, and more. Lee is a graduate of Auburn University and alumna of the Longwood Gardens Society of Fellows, a global network of public horticulture professionals.

The Ina and Lew Heafitz Endowed Lecture celebrates leading thinkers in horticulture, landscape design, sustainability, and more. These nationally-recognized speakers address cutting-edge and timely topics, presenting enriching talks centered around their work in nature-related fields. The annual lecture is free for all.

Location: Online
Instructor: Abra Lee
Price: FREE