Make a Container Water Garden

Water gardens are growing in popularity for a number of reasons: to attract wildlife like birds and butterflies, to add a melodic sound feature, to contribute light reflection, to offer a place for personal respite, and to cool down a garden space. Water gardens that incorporate unique and lush plants add bold shapes, forms, colors, defined lines, and textures to a garden space. In class, students will make and take home a small water garden container filled with personally selected plants supplied by the Gardens. We'll talk about the wide variety of plant options, materials, and different kinds of water garden designs. While this class is a part of our adult education offerings, it is open to advanced younger students, ages 14 and older.

Location: Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens 105 Botanical Gardens Drive, Boothbay
Instructor: Courtney Locke
Price: $68 / $85

Member Insider: Dahlias: Trials and Triumphs

This members-only dahlia tour will explore both challenges and triumphs we've had over the years with these fabulous beauties. Despite facing some difficulties along the way, Horticulturist Courtney Locke persevered and was able to truly showcase the beauty of these flowers. Join Courtney and gain a deeper understanding of the process involved in growing and nurturing these magnificent blooms.

Location: Lerner Visitor Center
Instructor: Courtney Locke
Price: Free