Sustainable Horticultural Practices

Friday, June 16 & Saturday, June 24 | Ecosystem balance, soil, and water quality are all influenced by our landscape practices. This extensive, two-day sustainable horticulture class will help students apply the principles of ecologically safe gardening practices to their garden or landscape. Through online and in-person sessions, we’ll examine composting, techniques for eco-friendly soil amendments, alternatives to pesticide and herbicides, responsible native plant acquisition, erosion control methods, plant forms for function, and so much more.

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Location: Online / at Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens 132 Botanical Gardens Drive, Boothbay
Instructor: Irene Barber
Price: $130 / $155

For Members: Native Edible Plants Tour & Tasting

Discover the world of native edible plants on a guided tour led by Adult Education & Horticultural Therapy Program Manager, Irene Barber. Explore our beautiful gardens and learn about these edible natives, from traditional and contemporary uses to nutritional and medicinal properties. Sample some of these unique plants along the way, and engage your senses in this fun and interactive experience. We'll enjoy a tasting of refreshing, wild fruit-infused spritzers.

Location: Lerner Visitor Center
Instructor: Irene Barber
Price: Free