Is it a Weed? ID & Management

Weeds, by casual definition, are undesired plants found in a certain location. In this class, we will discuss the perception of weeds as well as their identification, cultural management, and ecology. Learning the identity of a “weed” may change the desire to remove it from the landscape as you realize its potential benefits. While sometimes weeds are just misunderstood plants, there are times they can be invasive or toxic, so it is important to properly identify and learn how to manage for these species. Join Delany Pitman, CMBG Horticulturist, in this mixed field-study and lecture class and broaden your awareness of why, what, when, how, and where these plants live and if they can be embraced or must be eradicated from a garden or landscape.

Location: Bosarge Family Education Center Botanical Gardens Drive, Boothbay
Instructor: Delaney Pitman
Price: $30 / $36

Member Insider: Summer Annual Tour

Join Horticulturist Delaney Pitman on a members-only leisurely summer walk at the Gardens. Explore and admire the beauty of our summer annuals and learn a bit about the techniques used to maintain the health and vibrant colors of these plants. The tour offers a unique opportunity to see a variety of summer annuals up close and to ask questions or engage in discussion with our expert guide.

Location: Lerner Visitor Center
Instructor: Delaney Pitman
Price: Free