Gathering in the Garden: Poetry and Book Arts

Tuesday and Wednesday, July 26 and 27 | This intensive, two-day course explores and unites two creative processes: poetry and the visual arts. Taking inspiration from the forms, colors, and inhabitants of the Gardens, students will write, illustrate, and design an artists’ book, including a two-pamphlet paperback journal, a flag book, and a layered accordion book. Day one begins in the classroom, then moves into the Gardens for inspiration. Day two begins with poetry prompts, then students will venture off on their own to create patterns in poetic response to the Gardens. Students will also gain a playful acquaintance with poetic forms like the villanelle, the sestina, and the pantoum.

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Location: Bosarge Family Education Center Botanical Gardens Drive, Boothbay
Instructor: Rebecca Goodale
Price: $285 / $310