Houseplants: Bring the Outdoors In

In the northeast, when the warm season comes to a close, it’s hard to say goodbye to nature’s lushness and our container and in-ground plants. However, there is an opportunity to preserve and transfer some favorites into the home. As a bonus, houseplants offer therapeutic benefits and enhance indoor air quality. Learn from Brent McHale, Staff Horticulturist and houseplant enthusiast, about which outdoor plants can succeed indoors, and nurture your connection to nature. From tropical plants to flowering annuals, herbs to succulents, there’s an array of plants to choose from.

Location: Online
Instructor: Brent McHale
Price: $16 / $25

IPM in the Landscape

While there are beneficial bugs, fungi, and bacteria in nature, there are also those indigenous to an ecosystem that become invasive. In this class for experienced gardeners or landscapers, State Horticulturist, Gary Fish, will cover extensive ground on the insects, diseases, and deficiencies deemed harmful to wild or cultivated landscape plants. Applying principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM), the course will help students learn how to identify, monitor, and manage poor plant health. Instruction will focus on prevention as a means of management, cultural practices and plant selection, and the decision process and actions to take if an infestation occurs.

Gary Fish is the State Horticulturalist at the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry. He is a past coordinator of the Maine YardScaping Partnership and manager of the Pesticide Control Board. He has a B.S. in forest and wildlife management from the University of Maine, College of Forest Resources and has been a licensed professional forester since 1985. An aspiring landscape and nature photographer, he attributes his love of plants to his mother and her beautiful rose and rock gardens.

Location: Online
Instructor: Gary Fish
Price: $30 / $38

Making a Harvest Wreath

Ever wanted to preserve your garden after the season has ended, extending the enjoyment of its bounty? Join Staff Horticulturist Jen Dunlap and learn the process of making dried wreaths from cuttings collected from your garden or surrounding property. Jen will take you through this art and craft, step-by-step. A materials list will be supplied upon registration, as will a list of suggested cuttings to have on-hand, if you’d like to make a wreath during class. If you won’t have the dried cuttings, you can still learn and keep the recorded class demonstration as reference.

Location: Online
Instructor: Jen Dunlap
Price: $16 / $25

Resilient Landscapes in the Built Environment | Section II

Mondays, November 22, November 29, December 6 and December 13 | This series of four class sessions is designed for students who work in landscape, ecology, and horticulture positions, or those who are land stewards with a strong background in gardening, landscaping, or land-management.

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Location: Online
Instructor: Andy Brand
Price: $250 / $295