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The Once and Future Queen (Bee)

Tuesday, September 15th, 2020

I always imagine what our new Learning Apiary must look like to visitors—walking up to it for the first time, it almost looks like a garden picture with a beautiful apiary in the middle. But your friendly beekeeper walks through the image and suddenly you notice all the bees buzzing behind the screen. These bees are like many hundreds of thousands of hardworking members of staff, pollinating our plants.

Let’s take a look at 14 of the most important bees we have here at the Gardens—the queens. Read More

It’s Honey Time!

Wednesday, September 9th, 2020

Did you know that Labor Day is when beekeepers begin extracting their fall honey?

Let’s start from the beginning with how bees make honey. It all begins at the flower—flowers produce nectar as a reward for the pollinating bees. Forager bees bop around the garden from flower to flower, collecting nectar and pollen before heading back to the hive. The nectar collected is stored in the nectar sac, a special spot in a worker bee’s body where enzymes are deposited and water is extracted. Another worker comes and collects the nectar from the forager and deposits the nectar into the comb. She then extracts and deposits the nectar over and over, dehydrating it little by little with each cycle.

honeycomb Read More

Notes from the Apiary

Monday, June 15th, 2020

Hi there–as this summer’s beekeeping interns, we thought we’d give you a bird’s eye (or bees’ eye) view of our first few weeks on the job.

The hives in their new home at CMBG. You can see the apiary sign is still under construction in the background, and Erin is going to chat with some curious visitors. Observation, questions, curiosity, and education are what this apiary is all about!

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