Gardens’ Volunteers: Top Picks for Father’s Day


Our volunteers are so involved in the Gardens that they seemed like a good, go-to source for inspiring ideas about what to give the dads in your life for Father’s Day. And Gardenshop is, of course, the perfect place to go. The Gardenshop staff are so good at what they do that finding the perfect, unique gift (even for the person who has everything) is a joy of exploration. Visit in person or via the webshop. Now. Get out your pens and paper, get ready to take some notes, and surprise Dad this year. 

Robert J:

This card strikes me as one that a guy could send to a friend or brother (“from one old goat to another”), or to a buddy who likes Guinness beer! A pruning saw is a good thing to have for most homes around here, and this one caught my eye. 

Steph M:

I chose this card because it reminds me that some of the best times spent together are just sitting and chatting, and it also makes me look forward to the summer memories we will have this year. I also chose this one because I know my dad will appreciate this miniature work of art, as I know he enjoys watercolor paintings. For a gift, I picked this Gro t-shirt, because I see Gro as one of the most peaceful and Zen of the Giant Trolls, and it is that passion for yoga and slowing down that I learned from my dad. 

John L:

I chose the book Bird Brains for my son-in-law, a father of two, now adult, children. He is very knowledgeable about birds and would find the title amusing and the content very interesting. For a card, I would use the folding card that features [Director of Horticulture] Andy Brand’s photo of a green frog, as the recipient is keenly interested in all aquatic creatures and would love Andy’s photo.

Peter K:
I suggest the indispensable and appreciated (just like dads!) hori hori, which I feel pairs well with this summer sunflowers card (for inspiration to use the hori).

Andy’s green frog

Gro shirt

Goat card

Hori hori

Bird Brains

Jeff L:

The best card for Father’s Day I saw was this one–it’s fun and whimsical. As for a gift, I certainly would appreciate this guide to tying knots. It looks small and easy to keep handy, especially because I’m horrible at knots and always get caught not being able to tie a bowline. All of the Waterford Press Guides look helpful and seem a good source of gifts.

Amy H:

For my brother-in-law, I’d give him this card because he’s the chef of the household (and my nephews love his cooking). Since he’s also a Maine Guide and forestry guy, I’d get him this t-shirt featuring animal tracks. He’d love it!

Nan T:

I would send this card–perfect for a busy guy. And then, of course, our signature mug, inspiring him to take a few extra minutes to savor coffee and take a few more and have some fun!

Paul C:

I would love someone to gift me with these plant markers because then I could label my wife’s plants and stop asking her what she’s growing! And I love the rosa rugosa card because the roses are pretty even though they can’t control themselves and stay put!

You’re a Card

Animal tracks

Broccoli card

CMBG hand-thrown mug

Rosa rugosa by CMBG’s Andy Brand

Of course, there’s so much more to choose from in the shop. If you want one easy place to access all of these picks, just drop in here. Want to shop in person? Gardenshop is open for the season. We can’t wait to see you at the Gardens.