Staff Picks for Mother’s Day


Our staff doesn’t need much prompting when it comes to selecting gifts–especially when we have a resource as rich as Gardenshop! If you haven’t dropped in on the webshop in a while, this is your chance. The Gardenshop staff are so good at what they do that finding the perfect, unique gift (even for the person who has everything) is a joy of exploration. And if you’re shopping between April 24 and May 1, 2023, shipping is on us. Just use the promo code SHIPFREE at checkout. 

Betsy H.:

I think Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate not only your mom, but also your amazing friends who have supported you through the years. Today I selected one of my very best friends, Karen. Karen and I have been friends for 50 of my 54 years, and she has always been a friend to look up to, a friend who has helped me in too many ways to count. I selected the Peace candle as I want nothing more for her than to have peace in her life. The card I selected is just because she’s amazing.

Brent M.:

I chose these items because I love the artistic nature of this candle and its ability to stand alone on the shelf and still be beautiful. This candle is also sustainably made, which I love, plus it smells great. The card compliments the candle very well, bright and cheery and a wonderful preview of the summer colors to come! The cobra lily almost looks like it’s hugging, which is what you want to do with your mom on Mother’s Day. 

Gretchen O.:

One of my favorite gifts to give from the Gardenshop, and also the first thing I bought for myself after I joined CMBG, was the red Staggerwing bag. These are gorgeous, bespoke, and beautifully made handbags that are a treat to use every day. I have given them to my mom, my sister, and a number of my close girlfriends over the years, all of whom are moms. They come in several sizes as well as a smaller handbag, so they work for a variety of different budget options.


Amazingness card
Beeswax candle: large pinecone


Steph M.:

I picked this card for my sister, a mom of two boys, because I think she always deserves a bouquet of beautiful flowers and this card is just too sweet. And for a gift, I would pick this beautiful sleepy head aromatherapy pillow, because I know how much sleep is important to her. 

Melissa C.:

I have owned two of these bags and adore them! Sharing a great find with my mom is so fun, so I’d pick this gift for her (accompanied by this card)! We both LOVE dots. This is a gift I would love to give or receive!


Urban Tote with mustard dots

Amy H:

For my sister (a mother of two boys), I’d choose this card because it’s encouraging (and also because I couldn’t find one that makes fun of her, which is what I’d REALLY opt for, given the choice. 😂), and I’d choose this shirt because my sister is mad for t-shirts (and she’s a Virgo, so she’s as gritty as they come…heh heh). 

Ivan F.:

Here are my choices for Mother’s Day, thinking about the three women in my life who are great moms. First, for my own mother I would choose this handsome composter to sit on her kitchen counter, and I know it would get good use! Plus this interesting book about canning. She taught me everything I know about flavors and cooking with your heart. 

The second is my wife and mother of my two beautiful girls. I choose the harvest basket because I can already envision her going out to our own garden and picking flowers for our table or having the girls with her to help gather in herbs and greens. 

The third is my mother-in-law, who is an accomplished gardener and clinical aromatherapist. I think she would love to curl up with a book about wildflowers in Maine.  

And if I’m being totally honest–I’d probably pick out the chickadee panel to match the other beautiful wings-on-wood piece I have at home, a yellow finch, just for me! 


Harvest basket
Optimism and Grit tee

Tory P.:

There are a few moms in my life that I would be shopping for, but thankfully Gardenshop has them all covered! For my mom, I would definitely pick out this forget-me-not card—this is a beloved spring flower for her, and I know she’d love the simple, beautiful design of the card. For my mother-in-law, the Blossom soy candle in the Jasmine scent would be perfect! She loves floral candles, and these burn super clean. I also love to get something for my best friend, who is a super-mom, and thankfully Blossom candles also come in this heady, delicious Coffee Vanilla scent—perfect for the coffee-obsessed!

Erika H.:

I would purchase this kneeler bench for both my mom and mother-in-law who are avid gardeners, but who both struggle with knee pain. I envision the metal sides would offer nice support when getting up from a kneeling position. I love the versatility of this product since it can be both a kneeler and bench and it’s very portable. I would chose this card to send to my mom because blue reminds me of my grandmother (my mom’s mom) who loved all things blue.

Nan T.:

This bouquet of flower seeds will last throughout the year! It is perfect for when my mom is itching to garden in spring, brings her joy and butterflies through summer and fall, and the dried flowers add a dash of color to brighten up winter. I’d accompany this “arrangement” with this card.

Iris card
Forget-me-not card

Of course, there’s so much more to choose from in the shop. If you want one easy place to access all of these picks, just drop in here. (Remember, between April 24 and May 1, 2023, shipping is on us. Just use the promo code SHIPFREE at checkout.)

Want to shop in person? Gardenshop opens for the season May 1. We can’t wait to see you at the Gardens.