What’s in Bloom – August 24, 2017

What's In Bloom

Hydrangea paniculata ‘Limelight’ is spectacular! These are at the Norweb Entrance Garden. – Sharmon, director of horticulture

Pennisteum ‘Fireworks’ certainly is putting on a show this time of year! This annual grass makes a great foliage contrast all season. Come see it at the entrance to the Arbor Garden. – Amy, writer/editor

I look forward to this gorgeous Rose of Sharon blooming every summer. Lavender, shades of blue, and dusky red make this an eye catching shrub that pollinators and humans alike simply cannot resist. Three cheers for the Hibiscus ‘Notwood Three.’ – Jen, horticulturist

I’m excited about the new addition of Monarda punctata (Spotted beebalm) around the Cleaver Event Lawn- it took me a few days to realize there were spotted golden flowers hiding beneath the pinkish bracts. I love this plant and so do the pollinators! – Anna, horticulturist

This sunflower! I just want to cut one down and hug it whenever I have a bad day. Seriously—it’s the cutest bloom I’ve ever had the luck to stumble upon. The bees think so, too! Helianthus annuus ‘Teddy Bear’ is in the Learning Garden in the Children’s Garden. – Amy, writer/editor

Lobelia syphilatica (Great Blue Lobelia) is blooming in the Lerner Garden and Slater Forest Pond. – Will, horticulturist

This Calibrechoa ‘Chameleon Sunshine Berry’ is pretty radiant at the moment! You can find it at the front of the Arbor Garden. – Syretha, horticulturist

This variegated leaf Abutilon is in containers at the Norweb Entrance Garden. Beautiful! – Sharmon, director of horticulture

In the wild and wooded spaces along the Maine Woods Trails, you might be able to find the rattlesnake plantain, Goodyera pubescens. A native orchid with magnificent foliage, this plant slowly creeps across the ground forming a green and silver mat. – Dan, grower & horticulturist

Check out this hot little combo! Dahlia ‘Fire Pot’ commingling with Ageratum ‘Tall Blue Planet’ in the Children’s Garden. – Jen, horticulturist

This Hydrangea paniculata ‘Bokrathirteen’ near the bench on the Cleaver Event Lawn is just beginning to bloom. Watch it over the next few weeks to see it subtly change from this creamy white color to a light pink. – Anna, horticulturist

There are so few true, blue flowers. And though blue is my favorite color, I think I’d love these sweet Echinops ritro ‘Veitch’s Blue’ flowers no matter what their hue—there’s something about that happy lollipop burst of flowers atop the severely straight stem that hints at a really stellar sense of humor… These are in the Arbor Garden. – Amy, writer/editor

Talinum ‘Limon’ is another annual used throughout the Arbor Garden that I get constant questions about. This lime-green beauty is drought-tolerant and sun-loving. – Syretha, horticulturist

Beesia calthifolia is a lovely woodland plant hailing from Asia. Hardy to zone six or so, this plant sports beautiful, glossy, evergreen foliage in a high, airy rosette. Rebloomimg now in the Giles Rhododendron and Perennial Garden, it’s a rarely seen, but highly worthy garden plant. – Dan, grower & horticulturist

I let this Cleome (Spider Flower) seed in around the Cleaver Event Lawn from last year’s annual planting and am happy that I did! – Anna, horticulturist