2023: Your Year of Wonder

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We know how integral nature and natural spaces are to our wellbeing, so this year, why not invite more of the outdoors into our lives?

Your backyard, closest trail, shoreline, mountain, or botanical garden are all perfect options for increasing your daily dose of nature. How about adding a few of the following ideas to your resolutions list? (And remember, the key to resolution is resonance—what resonates with you? What gets your excited? Therein lies your entrée to more time under the sun.)

  1. Winter walks—try snowshoeing, skating, skiing, or birding. Anytime is a good time for a new hobby.
  2. Indoor gardening—whether it’s a few herbs on a sunny windowsill or a snake plant for that dark corner of your office, bringing the outdoors in definitely provides a boost.
  3. Nature documentaries—there seem to be new ones weekly, no matter what streaming service you subscribe to, so even in inclement weather, you can spend some time with nature. Had enough screen time? There are always plenty of reading options!
  4. Botanical arts—time in nature can be active or passive, so what about flexing your artistic muscles, either through observation or experimentation? Here at the Gardens, we offer lots of opportunities for both!
  5. Grow a garden—whether you’re a newbie or an experienced gardener, whether you love seed catalogues for their imagery or their possibility, there’s an opportunity for you to plant a new green-and-growing something nearby.
  1. Eat seasonally—even if you don’t grow your own, farmer’s markets are wonderful places not only to connect to community, but to decrease your carbon footprint while increasing your health and keeping your food dollars local.
  2. Find a local nonprofit and volunteer or donate—(I know a really great one if you need ideas…).
  3. Shop locally and sustainably—wherever you are and whenever you can.
  4. Start composting—either via vermiculture, with a bin, or let your yard waste decompose over time to become a rich humus that feeds lawns and gardens.
  5. Come to the Gardens!—I needed a number 10 for aesthetic reasons, and why not save the best for last? Come May, we’ll be ready for you. In the meantime, follow your wild curiosity into the great outdoors, and we’ll see you soon.